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At UKTI Martial Arts, we teach 9 different styles combined into one based around Master Hiron John VIII Degree unique style of Martial Arts based around the scientific Art of TaeKwon-Do using the center point. We are based around the south east region including Luton, Dunstable, Houghton Regis, Flitton, Greenfield, Flitwick, Harpenden and Bedford. We also have clubs in London, Kidderminster, Isle of Wight, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Canada, Korea, Malta, Pakistan, India, Poland and much more.

We are the official Suppliers to UKTI and Little Kubz TaeKwon-Do.

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Call today to ENROL in our Martial Arts & Self Defence classes: 07961188190 (Limited Spaces Available Per Club)


What Is UKTI Martial Arts?

UKTI Martial Arts was established in 1992. At UKTI Martial Arts we teach a form of Un-Armed Combat using the whole body as a weapon. We teach how to four times your body weight using the six factors that affect the theory of power. We also have a professional Anti-Bullying & Self Defense system that can help students overcome problems that occur in everyday life.

General Choi Hong Hi

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