Why should you join us?

. Learn Self Defence skills for Dangerous Street situations.
. Learn to defend yourself by using your opponents force against themselves.
. Decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases such as Types of Cancer, Strokes, Metabolic Syndrome,
   Type 2 Diabetes, Depression and Arthritis.

. Helps to prevent excess weight gain.
. Helps to prevent high blood pressure & Cholesterol.
. Get the perfect body using the scientific Martial Arts secrets.
. Need an emotional lift? Our organisation targets stress relief.
. We have a friendly community which will help you to make some new friends along the way.
. Kup and Degree Awards recognised by International Governing Bodies.
. Compete in multiple events such as National & International Competitions, Seminars, Boot Camps & Courses.

Little Kubz Squad Training, Active TKD Booster Session & Blue Belt & Above Pre-Test scheduled for 23rd September 2017, please ask your instructor or email us for a form!

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